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Welcome to the New Clay Conference website!


We are very excited you have heard about New Clay Conference and are here to learn more.  In May 2019 we held our first ever conference, it was attended by 90+ from 9 provinces and territories.  The event was more successful than we had ever hoped thanks to all of you that attended, volunteered,  sponsored and our artists Carole Epp, Naomi Clement, and Jason Burnett. 


This conference was born from a desire for new ideas, new artists, new events, and because we want to shake things up and do something NEW for clay in the Ottawa area and we are continuing to follow that desire with our 2nd conference.  


This event is about strengthening the ceramics community in Ottawa and surrounding areas bringing together all of us working solo in our studios, in our guilds and in our co-operative studios.  We hope this event will foster more events like this and increased collaborations and community. 

For our second edition we faced multiple postponements due to covid but it will be returning fall 2022! 

If you or your studio is interested in participating please reach out to us, we would love to have you involved.  


Interested in sponsoring the New Clay Conference? Please send us an email.

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