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Ben Carter.


My research focuses heavily on Silk Road traditions where Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures where influenced by Chinese porcelain that was being traded throughout the region from 900 AD onward. These pots have a playful energy that comes from copying objects that represent wealth and status.As a kid,I saw old fabric go through a similar process as it was repurposed into vibrant quilts that were both practical and highly decorative.


By blending floral motifs used in Appalachian quilting with the decorative language of historical ceramics,I work to create new hybrid patterns that enliven the surfaces of teapots, pitchers,and dinnerware. The forms are made from a rich terracotta clay, which is covered in white slip before being carved and decorated with translucent glazes.Much like the Silk Road potters I attempt to elevate the status of my earthenware,giving it value through multiple layers of intense decoration


Learn more about Ben and his work, listen to his podcast Tales of a Red Clay Rambler:


@carterpottery on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

@historyofceramics on Instagram

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