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There are lots of accommodations option in Ottawa.  We've listed a few here and a couple of websites that may be useful.  The conference venue is Rideau Curling Club 715 Cooper Street, Ottawa.  The closest main intersection ins Bronson and Somerset, it's fairly close to downtown with lots of food options in walking distance and even more a short drive away.  Anything in Chinatown, little Italy, center town, downtown, Westboro, Hintonburg communities would all be within a 15 minute drive.  the bulk of hotel options will be in downtown or center town but if you are looking at airbnb you can find cool places all over the city.  


Scroll down for information on billeting options if you want to avoid the hotel route and stay with some great locals.


Ottawa is full of a great variety of hotels.  We have listed a couple of options that are fairly close by the venue but don't feel like you have to book one of those.  We have not booked a block of rooms in a hotel this year but we may do it in a future year.

Recommendations If you haven't used this site for hotels before you are missing out.  It's basically a hotel search site that offers discounted rates sometimes really discounted.  Just looking now (April 9th) you can get the Hilton Garden for 153+tax a night instead of the $346 listed on their site.

Albert at Bay Suites Hotel: 3 minute drive/ 11 minute walk

2 queen beds $239

435 Albert St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7X4

Plush suites with full kitchens in a refined hotel with a warm pub & a stylish restaurant.

Delta Hotel Ottawa City Center by Marriott: 3 minute drive/ 11 minute walk

2 doubles $242

101 Lyon St N, Ottawa, ON K1R 5T9

Modern high-tech rooms in a sleek venue with a saltwater pool, a hip restaurant & meeting space.

Best Western Plus Ottawa Downtown: 8 minute drive/18 minute walk

2 doubles $229

377 O'Connor St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2M2

Traditional suites in a casual hotel with a furnished terrace & sauna, plus free breakfast & Wi-Fi. Bonus: Across the street from the Canadian Museum of Nature

Outside of the downtown area hotels will get a bit cheaper: see the difference between the 2 best western hotels.

Best Western Plus Ottawa City Center: 12 minute drive/1 hour walk

2 double beds $185

1274 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8

Casual property with free WiFi & parking, plus a gourmet restaurant & a bar.

Another great option in Ottawa is vacation rentals.  There are lots of apartments, condos, houses, etc all furnished and available for short term rent.  These are a popular option because they are often cheaper then hotels and include kitchens and other features hotels don't always have.  You can find vacation rentals in more vibrant and interesting parts of town then where hotels are typically located.  

Airbnb: Very popular vacation rental site.  Select the city and dates you want, you can even search 715 cooper street, Ottawa to see locations and their proximity to the venue.  Note: make sure to set a filter that you want the entire place to yourself, airbnb also offers room share in someone's home.

Vacation Rentals



(Scroll down for BE A GUEST)

If you live in the Ottawa area and would like to help one of the conference attendees from out of town, consider volunteering to billet a guest during the conference.

You will be expected to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements and Ottawa tips and recommendations to your billeted guest. While you are not expected to provide meals and transportation to and from the conference, you are welcome to do so. You will be expected to help your guest get around Ottawa by showing them how to take public transportation between the conference and your home.

If you’re interested in being a billeting host, please fill out the form below.   We intend to connect guests and hosts as submissions come in, please submit by May 1st. 



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If you’re looking to save on accommodation costs and meet some of the ceramics community in the Ottawa area, billeting might be an option for you.

Billeted guests will be provided with comfortable sleeping arrangements and good company in a volunteer host’s home. Hosts are not expected to provide meals or transportation, but they will help you get around Ottawa by showing you how to take public transportation to and from the conference.

If you’re interested in billeting, please fill out the form below. We intend to connect guests and hosts as submissions come in, please submit by May 1st. 



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