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The word “souvenir” in French carries two meanings. One is similar to the English definition as something that serves as a reminder; an object, a collectible, a photograph. The second speaks to the action of remembering: the survival in memory of a sensation, an impression, an idea; an awareness of a past event.

My art practice articulates itself around interest in how our connection to the environment is shaped through our personal and collective memories. My works reveal sensitivities to the notion of perception around history, place, memory and absence, and is strongly influenced by an exploration of nature. I use various printmaking techniques on clay and ceramic processes to create sculptures that illustrate fictional but realistic landscapes through imagery, form and contrast of material. I use porcelain, a material with strong historical implications and properties, that is delicate and indestructible at once and which, when fired, becomes an archival artifact. Exhibiting a strong contrast
between fragility and permanence, my work explores the indefinite line of what is imagined versus what is actually experienced and the construction of memories.


Learn more about Marianne and her work at or on Instagram:

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