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New Clay Conference Goals: Community Focused

New Clay Conference really has 2 goals:

1. Create a ceramic learning opportunity

2. Strength the ceramics community in Ottawa and surrounding areas bringing together all of us working solo in our studios, in our guilds and in our co-operative studios.

The talented line up of Carole Epp, Naomi Clement and Jason Burnett are sure to tackle goal number 1.

The second goal does not have such a straight forward solution. Unfortunately a common description of the ceramics community in the region is that it is somewhat fragmented. We have a bunch of ideas of how we can connect the region and unite everyone in our shared ceramic passion. Please contact us if you have any thoughts on what else we can try or what you think is needed.

Here is what we are working on so far:

A. Creating a conference that the community can meet one another at. As well as meet so many great out of town guests connecting the region to the larger Canadian and International ceramics community. All 3 of the demonstrating artists are proven community builders themselves and can speak to the attendees about their experiences.

B. Invite studios, guilds and schools to share who they are and what they do. We are going to give any interested studio, school or guild * in a 3 hour radius of Ottawa a space to display information, flyers and whatever else they would like to share at the conference for FREE. We want to provide exposure to those groups that are working really hard to educate and support ceramic makers and give our attendees an opportunity to learn about all of the great stuff happening here. As of right now the free space will be half of a standard folding table, there will be 2 organizations per table but most we have spoken to already are not interested in having to fill a full table. Need a full table? Contact us about sponsor options, doesn't need to be financial could be services or other assistance with the conference.

*not a school, guild or studio and want to be included? send us an email

C. A directory of those studios, schools and guilds on our website with contact information, a small bio and any upcoming special events

D. The New Clay Conference Tour: We are inviting local studios, galleries and artists to get involved by adding yourselves to our tour (  Leading up to and during the weekend we are encouraging our participants to tour all of the great clay in Ottawa.  There are many galleries that always have something going on like the Dust Evans Gallery and many others are hosting special exhibitions for that weekend.  Our hope that both individuals attending the conference and those that are not will want to get out and see some great clay that weekend.  We are encouraging all attendees to go check out everything going on Thursday or Friday because we will keep them pretty busy all weekend.   

E. The tour directory will be listed online, a printed map will be available at the conference and prior to at supporting venues and organizations.

This is our first year, we are going to figure out everything all at once but we are going to try our very best to do as much as we can for the ceramics community. If you have ideas or suggestions please contact us we are not intentionally leaving anything out we likely just haven't thought of it yet. For example we really expected most attendees to be from the region so they wouldn't be requiring accommodations, that actually hasn't been the case so we are setting up hotel and billeting options for those that need them.

Thank you for your interest in New Clay Conference

Come to Ottawa for New Clay Conference

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